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French skincare brand Guinot has been a well-known name in the beauty industry for decades as one of the world’s leading beauty salon brands. Their skincare range was created in conjunction with the world's top dermatologists and beauticians to provide targeted care for every skin type and need.

Although initially introduced for the exclusive use in beauty salons and spas, the ultimate beauty experience is now also available for daily use at home with our selection of cheap Guinot products.

Amongst the most popular Guinot skin care products is the Douceur de Vie cream that uses essential plant oils, sea weed and Vitamin E to desensitise and strengthen dull skin. With added SPF15, this multi-tasker is the perfect companion during the busy working week and should be applied every morning to protect the skin throughout the day. Blemished and oily skin is best treated with the Acnilogic Intelligent Sebum Control Serum. The treatment gained stellar reviews for its patented Acnicidine complex which levels the skin’s oil balance, shrinks pores and fights imperfections.

Very dry skin can be treated with the excellent Hydrazone range, which rehydrates the skin with Hydrocyte Liposomes and Grape Seed Oil. It includes a rich face cream as well as body care products. The Longue Vie anti-aging range can be considered one of the worst kept Guinot skincare secrets. This miracle product incorporates 56 active biological ingredients to support the cell renewal and fight signs of ageing at its roots.

Guinot also offers a very popular men’s range. The Très Homme collection was developed to suit the specific needs of male skin. It includes a facial cleanser and scrub, an anti-fatigue eye gel as well as the anti-aging face cream Longue Vie Homme. Whether in combination or used separately, these four treatments are guaranteed to nourish and protect male skin from damage caused by shaving, wind and weather.

Guinot relies on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, which are based on the use of renewable resources. All Guinot treatments are paraben-free and never tested on animals. Visit Pefume Click for amazingly cheap Guinot deals and discounted skincare products.
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