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Dove Haircare

Dove is and international personal care brand with a huge array of products made all over the world. It was launched in England in 1950. Today you will find the Dove brand in over 80 countries.

According to Dove a shampoo and conditioner is not just to clean your hair, it can do so much more! That’s why Dove's hair care range not only cleans your hair but provides it with the progressive nourishing care it needs.

The Intensive range is designed for those of you who loves to style and try new looks. The intensive hair range help strengthen your hair so it can withstand the damage of straighteners, curlers and whatever else you might throw at it on a daily basis.

You have just spent a small fortune of getting your perfect colour so it makes sense to keep your hair vibrant and fresh for as long as possible. The colour care range does just that. The Daily care range is for the whole family, a creamy and luxurious range that leaves your hair smelling fresh and makes it easy to manage. Beautiful hair makes you feel good and with a Dove shampoo or Dove conditioner you can be sure to get glossy and healthy-looking hair, wash after wash.

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