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Tom Ford Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and creative director of the brand of the same name. Before he started his own label he was mostly known for revitalizing Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He is originally from Texas but left the south as a teenager to study art history at New York University. After dropping out he was admitted to the exclusive private college Parsons School of Design to study architecture. Ford actually graduated and has a degree in architecture but when he started looking for work in the fashion industry he would leave out the detail about what exactly his degree was in as Parsons was also well known for its design school.

Ford eventually managed to get his foot in the door at a small sports design company and was able to find work as a design assistant. The young designer-in-training eventually moved up men's fashion brand Perry Ellis where he worked alongside Marc Jacobs. After working there for a few years and making a reputation as a designer Ford accepted a position at Gucci as the company was sinking and needed a revival. The end of the 80's had been tough for the famous Italian brand and they risked total collapse but under Ford's guidance their couture division was able to find new footing. With Ford as creative director Gucci became more successful than ever before and also bought Yves Saint Laurent to which Ford was handed the keys. Unfortunately the American designer had to leave the company a few years into the new millennium after conflicts with the management of the Gucci Group. He described this as a “mid-life crisis” but this wouldn't last for long as he announced he was starting his own brand just a year after being ousted.

The Tom Ford brand doesn't just create men's and women's fashion. Shortly after establishing the new brand Ford introduced eye wear and perfumes to his oeuvre and Ford also directed his debut motion picture in 2009; “A Single Man”. He has also designed bespoke couture for Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Beyoncé. Black Orchid (2006) was the first Tom Ford perfume to be released and remains a best-seller. Black Orchid is an indulgent dark floral with notes of black truffle, blackcurrant, dark chocolate and intense. Another popular Tom Ford perfume is Noir Pour Femme (2015), a female version of the popular Noir for men. It blends mandarin and bitter orange with rose and jasmine on a base of vanilla for a truly refined evening scent. The brand also has the Tom Ford Private Blend label which releases exclusive smaller batch scents like Jasmin Rouge (2011), a intensively spicy floral scent. Ford has also tackled the citrus notes of the classic Italian cologne in his unisex Neroli Portofino series (2011).
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