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Sisley Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Within two years after its establishment Sisley released their first fragrance. Eau de Campange (1974), a fresh and green fragrance, is inspired by the French way of living. While the scent teases the wearer with a taste of French fancy, the notes aren't all delicacies. In the select few notes the eau de toilette consists of, Jean-Claude Ellena, the nose behind this fragrance, included unique uses of tomato and pelargonium.

Sisley's second fragrance, Eau Du Soir (1990), is after decades still a favourite of many. This timeless beauty is housed in a bottle completed with 18-karat gold accent stopper, which was created by reoccurring name within the Sisley fragrance department; Bronislaw Krzysztof. The perfume was gifted by count Hubert d'Ornano to his beloved wife Isabelle in 1990. For years this fragrance was solely produced for Isabelle's personal use, until her closest companions were able to convince her that this fragrance should be appreciated by many, many more. The elegant and warm aroma has been available for the general public since 1999. Since 2001 Sisley have released a special holiday edition of the Eau de Soir fragrance. Around Christmas time they reveal that years unique design which a select few are able to gift to their loved ones, in tradition to its original purpose.
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