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Puma Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Puma is a lifestyle brand which sells shoes, equipment and sportswear. Puma has a large perfume portfolio including several sports fragrances. Some of their best known fragrances include Flowing (2003), Green (2012) and Yellow (2012).
The name is known all around the world today, but who started Puma? The story starts with two brothers, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, who initially ran a shoe factory together. But during WWII they had a big dispute resulting in them going their own way and splitting up the business in two. Adolf set up Adidas while Rudolf founded Puma.

In the early years Adidas and Puma were in fierce competition and split their town in two. According to the legend, people were looking down to see which shoes strangers wore so they could tell if they were friend or foe! When handymen showed up to Rudolph’s home they would purposely wear Adidas, and Rudolph would send them straight to his basement where they could pick out a free pair of Puma shoes. The two local football clubs were also divided. ASV Herzogenaurach supported Adidas, while 1 FC Herzogenaurach always wore Puma football boots. Today the brothers are buried in the same cemetery, but they are placed as far away from each other as possible as they sadly never did manage to reconcile.

Puma continued to grow and expanded from shoes to clothes. They have sponsored a great deal of talented athletes and golfers over the years. Usain Bolt wore Puma when he ran his record breaking run in New York City, earning him the name “Lightning Bolt”. Serena Williams wore a black Puma cat suit while winning the US Open tennis championships in 2002. And if you are into golf then you can get the latest Puma Golf gear as worn by Lexi Thompson and Rickie Fowler.

In 2007 Puma was taken over by the French conglomerate PPR, a luxury goods and fashion group which owns Gucci. This helped Puma to achieve their mission of becoming the most desirable sport lifestyle brand in the world. In addition to Puma trainers, equipment and watches Puma also have a huge selection of perfumes and scents. More than 30 Puma fragrances have been launched, the first one in 2003. Flowing is a sweet, fresh springy girly scent, perfect for everyday wear. In 2014, just in time for the FIFA World Cup, Puma launched their Yellow Brasil Edition, a celebration of sports, extreme enthusiasm, and adrenaline all served in a sunny yellow bottle containing fresh notes of bergamot, apple, magnolia and cedar.

Also, as part of the Puma perfume collection you will find the very popular Puma Aqua Perfume. This refreshing scent is served in a flacon shaped like a water bottle, a cool burst to brighten your day. A playful and feminine start with green apple, lime and green lemon is followed by the heart of water hyacinth. The base of patchouli and sandalwood will ensure you gets compliment both day and night while wearing Puma Aqua. The Red and White Deodorant by Puma is a favourite among athletes, it will keep you fresh with its subtle notes of Italian bergamot, honeysuckle, red peony and cedar.
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