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Mäurer & Wirtz Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Michael Mäurer and his stepson Andreas August Wirtz founded their company Mäurer & Wirtz in Aachen, Germany in 1845. They started out by producing perfumed soaps and detergent, but they are today more known for the fragrances.
Mäurer & Wirtz is divided into three different business parts: Beauty, Prestige & 4711.

Their first female fragrance Tosca was produced in 1921. This was a citrus, aldehydic fragrance which was very popular at that time and is still very sought after nowadays by fragrance enthusiasts. They have released a handful of women's fragrances, very popular are Nonchalance (1960), Nonchalance Fue Blue (1990) and Jolie de Nonchalance (1993). The Acqua Colonia collection was launched in 2009 as a sub-brand of 4711. All the fragrances in this range are unisex and are based on ingredients, rather than aromas.

A mention worthy collaboration is that with German fashion line Pussy Deluxe. Together their first fragrance Pussy Deluxe hit the markets in 2007. Between 2007 and 2015 they launched three collections (Pussy Deluxe, Gourmand Collection and Pussy Deluxe Meets) together with three seductive and mouth watering fragrances each.

The intimate connection between tradition and the modern has shaped Mäurer & Wirtz for generations. A combination of reliability, creativity, tradition and innovation has helped this successful company to become a global company with locations in over 140 countries.
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