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Creed Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Creed is a French fragrance house that has been making exclusive perfumes since the late 1700's. It wasn't until a few decades ago that Creed fragrances were readily available on the mass market as previously they had only been for sale through the family itself. The brand is very secretive about their clients but it said that Grace Kelly, John F. Kennedy and many others have enlisted them in the past to make custom fragrances. Creed remains a family company and is currently run by Olivier Creed and his son Erwin as a joint venture. As an indepent perfumer they own the rights to the fragrances as well as the Creed factory and their own boutiques.

Creed perfume is known for it's high quality and excellent longevity. This is no coincidence as Creed fragrances are made with the utmost attention to detail and the finest hand-picked ingredients. All fragrances are developed with traditional techniques and are even poured by hand. As a result, Creed scents are definitely not cheap but the high quality has still garnered them much success and a large number of devotees, including many celebrities and royals. Creed has a royal warrant issued by Queen Victoria in 1885 and it is said that Elizabeth II favours their scent Fleurissimo (1956). Olivier Creed has stated that the strive to create perfumes as art, and approach the craft like a painter or a sculptor.

Some of the most beloved and popular Creed perfumes include Fantasia de Fleurs (1862), a lavish blend of florals which was created for the Austria-Hungarian Empress Elisabeth, Virgin Island Water (2007) which is a refreshing summer scent with tropical notes of coconut, Jamacian lime and ginger and of course the best-seller Love In White (2005). Designed by Olivier Creed himself, this floral with oriental notes was inspired by the peace of the sea and mixes fruit, flowers from all over the world on base of Java vanilla and Indian sandalwood for a truly globetrotting perfume.
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