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Ariana Grande Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Ariana Grande-Butera (better known as Ariana Grande or Ari) was born in Florida in 1993 and is a well known actress, dancer and singer. Ariana started off her career in 2008 when she had a part in the Broadway musical 13. It wasn't until her role in Nickelodeon's original series Victorious that Ariana rose to fame. After singing on the soundtrack of the TV show, Ariana signed a record deal in 2012. Her first album "Yours Truly" was released in 2013 with follow-up "My Everything" arriving in 2014. Both album made it to number 1 in USA and cemented Ariana as a pop superstar.

In 2015 Ariana Grande released her first perfume; Ari. It's a lusciously sweet fragrance for women. Ari (2015) features sugary notes of marshmallow, fruit and musk which comes in a unique round bottle with a little pom-pom.

On Valentine's Day 2016 Ariana released a gender-neutral limited edition scent called Frankie, named after her openly gay brother Frankie. The fragrance was made to show that it should not be necessary for brands to put a gender on their products, but that people should be able to decide for themselves.
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