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Alyssa Ashley Perfume & Women's Fragrance

Alyssa Ashley is a French fragrance brand founded in the 1960's by Houbigant. The very first Alyssa Ashley perfume, Musk, was released in 1969 and was a huge success. It would spawn new versions like White Musk and Musk Extreme in the coming years, as well as plenty of other perfume collections for both men and women.

The name Alyssa Ashley does not actually refer to a real person. It was invented by the lead perfumer on the project, Luca Maffei and was inspired by his daughter Alyssa, who had been nicknamed Ashley because of her long blond hair. Musk by Alyssa Ashley is one of the classic musk scents. The smell of musk became extremely popular in the late 60's and musky notes would go on to dominate the scent market until the early 80's. Young people at the time were very interested in simple and natural things and began to eschew expensive and complex perfumes for simple essential oils. The musk oil released in 1969 is known for it's excellent and longevity and features hints of fresh citrus and flowers. It's a true unisex scent which is also reflected on the bottle which features the male and female symbol in conjunction.

The 2000's has seen a big Alyssa Ashley revival and the brand has released many new scents. White Musk (2000) is a fresher version of the original musk scent with added freshness and white florals. It's a sensual and light fragrance for women. Other recent scents include the fresh and fruity Fizzy (2005) as well as the intense Musk Extreme (2009) for women which is a more intense and warmer version of the scent Alyssa Ashley is known for.
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