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Lipstick is one of the most popular forms of makeup for women and is available in a wide variety of shades and finishes. Depending on your skin and personal taste, you can choose between regular, liquid or creamy lipsticks with a matte, shimmer or sheer finish. Lipsticks actually date back to prehistoric times when lips were coloured using plant juices and even crushed insects. In the UK, they first gained popularity in the 16th century when the main ingredients were beeswax and stains from plants; it was Queen Elizabeth I’s love for red lipsticks that started the trend. While regarded as uncultured during the Victorian age lipsticks saw resurgence during the Golden Age of Hollywood when many famous actresses began wearing lipstick again and brought the trend back.

Today we have a lot more choice than back then. Long lasting lipsticks are a very popular choice; they don’t require a touch-up throughout the day and can last up to 8 hours. If you’re after longevity, pick a matte lipstick rather than a glossy one and don’t forget to apply lip liner first. Dusting your lipstick with powder also helps making the colour last longer. Which lipstick is best for dry lips? If you suffer from chapped lips it is a good idea to use a hydrating lipstick, usually containing Vitamin E or glycerin; mixing your lipstick with a moisturizer and putting a layer of lip balm can also help soothing your lips.

It is important to throw away lipsticks after 2 years of use to avoid infections; liquid lipsticks will last you about 1 year. It’s quite easy to detect when your lipstick is fading. The texture will begin to feel dry and the smell will be different. These are clear signs that your lipstick has gone bad or is too old.

How to apply lipstick:

Get your lips ready with a lip balm or a moisturizer and use a lip line as a base. Apply the lipstick right from the tube or using a lip brush. Remove any excess colour with a towel or a tissue.

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