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Available in a variety of shades and as liquid, cream or pencil, the concealer has become an essential tool in our daily quest for a flawless complexion. Thanks to the wide range of colours and textures available, blemishes, acne scars, spots and dark circles stand no chance against this magic make-up wand!

When it comes to finding the best concealer for your beauty needs, it is important to know your skin type. The best product for dry skin is a cream concealer or concealer stick. Oily skin types should avoid using either of these types of concealer as they tend to clog pores which can create excess oils. For the same reason, the best concealer for acne-prone skin is a liquid one. It is also important to clean the concealer brush regularly to fight bacteria.

Top concealers can be reapplied to build coverage and include a wide variety of shades. For example, MAC concealers come in an impressive selection of shades, including deeper colours for darker skin. Use peachy colours as a corrector to hide dark circles or a lighter colour as a highlighter in the inner circles of your eye and underneath the brow - the possibilities are endless! Savvy shoppers might want to invest in a concealer palette, which includes a variety of shades to fight any imperfection without having to collect a bag full of different products. Check out Perfume Click's range of cheap concealers from all major brands and find your new favourite at a discounted price!

How to use concealer:

There is an ongoing debate about whether to apply concealer underneath or on top of foundation. The best advice n this case is to do whatever works best for you! Simply apply a small amount of concealer on the area of your skin you'd like to conceal and blend in with a brush, sponge or your finger. Concealer can also be worn on its own and is great for hiding small blemishes if you don't want to wear a full face of makeup. This is one of the reasons it has also become an increasingly popular product for men.
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