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Superman Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Daily Planet journalist Clark Joseph Kent, born as Kal-El, was sent of to Earth by his parents Jor-El and Lara. His birth planet Krypton was a ticking time-bomb and was due to explode soon after his birth due to its unstable core. Clark landed in Smallville, Kansas and was taken in by young couple Jonathan and Martha Kent, whom raised him as if he was their own. While growing up both Jonathan and Martha noticed Clark's special powers and they made sure to instill as much good qualities and morals in him as they could to ensure that he wouldn't misuse these powers when older.

Clark's alter ego, Superman, has over 15 different super powers and contrary to popular believe, Superman is not invincible (read: The Sinbad Contract and The Death of Superman). Kryptonite, how ironic, is one of the ways to go. While black, green, red and yellow kryptonite all have different negative affects on Kryptionians, many villains have been able to overpower Superman while carrying this rock. While he is known to have many enemies, the most cheered on battle is Superman vs Batman.

Superman has appeared in multiple comics, cartoons and movies featuring other DC heroes and villains such as his cousin Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Hulk and Silver Surfer. Additionally, sales of Superman novelty items have gone through the roof. With bedding, writing utensils and clothes there is something available for every Superman fan.

First fragrance released by Superman is the “Superman” cologne, dressed in a bottle fitted with the Superman logo. Did you know that the Superman logo stands “Hope” and “Resurrection”? Another great addition to the fragrance industry is the Superman aftershave “Man of Steel: Invincible”. This fragrance is perfect for the youngsters who want to better the world!
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