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Salvatore Ferragamo Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian shoe and fragrance brand founded in 1927 by the innovative designer of the same name. Salvatore Ferragamo himself grew in Naples, Italy and but moved to the US as a young man to make a name for himself. Getting his bearings working in a shoe factory in Boston where his brother had managed to get a job, the young Ferragamo dreamt of going to California to work in the burgeoning movie industry. He eventually got to Hollywood where he opened a little shoe shop with his brothers. It wasn't long before he was making shoes for the film industry as well and through his assignments he eventually became known as the best shoemaker in Hollywood, creating bespoke footwear for all the big starts at the time.

Ferragamo doesn't seem to have been too bothered with all the fame and fortune and instead went off to university to study human anatomy in order to make his shoes more comfortable. He left the US a few years later and when he returned to Italy in 1927 to expand his business on the home front his reputation proceeded him. Using his Hollywood fame he opened new stores which were frequented by all of the movers and shakers of the time. As the business grew the quality of the shoes stayed intact as Ferragamo made sure each pair was handmade with the utmost care. After he passed away in 1960 the businesses stayed in the family and the brand is run by Ferragamos descendants to this day.

Aside from the famous shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo also provides their customers with sunglasses, ties, belts as well as excellent fragrances and aftershaves. The first Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance for men was Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme (1999), a quite unusual woody floral scent with clear notes of fig leaf, neroli, roses and jasmine on cedar wood. Acqua Essenziale (2013) is a fresh, light and aquatic take on an aromatic scent and stays breezy all day thanks to notes of mint, sea, lemon and musk. Incanto Pour Homme (2003) brings together bamboo, sandalwood, bitter orange, cypress and woods for a crisp mix of warm and cool scents making it a mesmerizing choice for the modern man.
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