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Miller Harris Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Miller Harris, founded in 2000, was established by Lyn Harris who studied perfumery and the art of scents for over five year. Completing five years of training in Paris before moving on to Grasse. After returning to Britain, Lyn set up her own company using £200k in savings and government funds. Within 16 years, 2000-2016, Lyn Harris created 45 fragrances under the Miller Harris brand. Besides creating extraordinary fragrances for everyone to enjoy, she offers to create bespoke fragrances for a select few per year. To create her fragrances Lyn solely the highest quality ingredients available and mixes organic ingredients with chemical components. The Miller Harris fragrances are enjoyed by Nigel Slater, Joely Richardson and Michael Caine.

In the back of her Bruton Street store you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the small library that can be found in the back, where fresh coffee is brewed every so often, or her tea room where you can enjoy exquisities such as rose tea or Lyn's version of Earl Grey. While unisex fragrances such as the aromatic Le Petit Grain and tangy Tangerine Vert are Harris' forte, she does enjoy creating a strong masculine fragrance once in a while. A great example is Feuilles de Tabac (2000), a woody aroma that combines notes of bergamot, sage and tonka bean.
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