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Marvel Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Marvel is an American comics company that was founded in 1939. In the late 30's comic books were a new phenomenon and the little publisher that would go on to become Marvel, Timely Publications was one of the first in the US. The first issue of Marvel Comics sold really well from the get-go thanks to the partnership of writer Joe Simon and legendary artist Jack Kirby whose vivid, intense inking set the bar for many comic artists to come. Together they created the superhero Captain America. This was during WWII and the patriotic hero became a roaring success as he fought the Nazis and other enemies of the US.

After the war superheroes became less popular as they had been very associated with the conflict. During this time comic books were read by almost everyone but in peacetime comic books became more of a thing for children. Marvel veered into other things and tried western, bible stories and comedies but nothing quite lived up to the superheroes. It wasn't until the early 60's the writer Stan Lee would revive the brand with new stories with more complex and human heroes. With creations like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Hulk the company created a new type of comic for a new age and this is of course what they're known for today. These heroes, as well as the X-Men and the Avengers would become immensely popular and they've all been the focus of a whole slew of movies, cartooons, toy lines, fragrances and more. Today Marvel isn't just a comics publisher but also an important film studio, with movies like Iron-Man, the Avengers series and Guardians of the Galaxy being some of the biggest blockbusters of our day.

Marvel has released several different collections of fragrances for everyone who'd like to smell like a superhero. For the release of the first Avengers film the company released a series of 6 Avengers aftershaves based on the personalities of the heroes, including Smash! (2012) for the Hulk and Patriot (2012) for Captain America as well as an Avangers perfume based on Black Widow, the only female of the super-group. The film also had it's own fragrance: Avengers Assemble (2012), complemented with a perfumed shower gel.
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