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Kiton Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Kiton is a an Italian luxury brand known for their bespoke suits and excellent fragrances for men. The company was founded in Naples in 1956 by Ciro Paone.

Kiton was originally known as CIPA and have always been dedicated to quality clothing that is sewn to last and made by hand. They changed the name to Kiton shortly after opening, a reference to the garment chiton which the tunic worn by the ancient Greeks. Kiton has always been based in Naples, the Italian capital of fine attire. The city has been known for it's high quality of sewing and excellent fabrics for centuries. This is reflected in Kiton's wares and all clothes and shoes are still painstakingly made by hand. Their fantastic suits are made by over a hundred seamstresses working in conjunction, each adding one part. Purchasing a bespoke suit from Kiton can be extremely costly but they are meant to last for a very long time. Paone, who descends from generations of tailors, is known for his perfectionism and has always insisted that Kiton is not actually a luxury brand, but a quality brand, insisting that their high prices are well worth the unparalleled quality of their suits and shoes. A custom-sewn Kiton suit can cost around £40 000. Kiton also began making clothes for women in 1995.

The very first Kiton fragrance was launched in 1996. Kiton Men, which is sometimes known as Kiton Red, is a woody chypre fragrance with fresh and zesty bergamott, amalfi lemon and pineapple on a floral base with woods and moss in the base. This is a clean and fresh scent for gentlemen. Napoli (1998) is a tribute to Kiton's home town and is a classic Mediterranean cologne with plenty of citrus and lime. Kiton Black is a mysterious and refined scent which (2007) features darkes tones of violet leaf and spices like cardamom on a leather and tonka bean base.

Founder Ciro Paone is still fully involved with the company. Nicknamed Signore Kiton, he continues to oversee operations despite being retired but he has left the company to his nephew and new CEO Antonio De Matteis.
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