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Joop! Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Joop is a German fashion brand and the brainchild of artist and fashion designer Wolfgang Joop. He launched the brand of the same name in the early 1980's after working for years as a freelance designer and becoming known for his work with fur. The Joop! label featured an exclamation pointo set his own name apart from his company. The first collection of clothes for men was released in 1985 and the first Joop! colonge was released in 1987.

Joop are without a doubt best known for their fragrances for men in the typical brightly coloured bottles. JOOP! Homme (1989) is very recognisable in its bright purple bottle and features a sensual and fresh scent with flowers, spices and vanilla on a woody base. It's well known for its incredible lasting power and strength and we don't recommend using more than 1 or possibly 2 sprays if you don't want the entire world to know you're wearing JOOP! The scent itself is an incredible mix of masculine notes and sweets and has been favourite of adventurous men for years, receiving many flacons like Joop! Homme Wild (2009) and the seriously intense Joop! Homme Extreme (2014). Another popular Joop scents for men are Joop! Jump (2005), an energetic aromatic fougere and Joop! Go! (2006), which mixes zesty and tart notes of rhubarb, pimento and bitter orange with a musky base for a fresh and fun fragrance.

Wolfgang Joop himself left the brand at the the turn of the millenium and is now engaged with a new brand of his own invention, WUNDERKIND. The brand continues to be inspired by his quirky designs.
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