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John Varvatos Cologne & Men's Fragrance

John Varvatos was born in Detroit in 1966. His family origin from the Greek island Cefalonia, where the more exotic surname Varvatos comes from.

Varvatos started working in fashion at Polo Ralph Lauren when he was only 17 years old. After collecting enough experience he left Ralph Lauren in 1990 to become Calvin Klein's head of menswear. He was amongst other responsible for the invention of the Boxerbriefs (a mix between boxershorts and briefs)

In 1995 Varvatos went back to work for Ralph Lauren, this time as the head of all menswear design, where he was responsible for the creation of Polo Jeans Company.

After working for other companies for 16 years, Varvatos chose to start his own brand and business in 1999. The business started out with a clothingline that launched in New York in 2000. Later that year Varvatos opened his first boutique in New York.

Beside having his own fashion house including clothes, shoes, bags and eyewear (amongst other) Varvatos has also worked with different brands to make limited edition releases. Worth mentioning is the collaboration with Converse to create high-end shoes and the work Varvatos did with the car company Chrysler for a limited edition of their Chrysler 300.

The first fragrance from John Varvatos was released on 2004 simply called John Varvatos. The fragrance contains notes of leather, plum and fig.
One of the bestselling fragrances for men by Varvatos is Artisan. The scent aftershave was launched in 2009 and is described as an citrusy- herbal fragrance.
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