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Jil Sander Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Jil Sander was established by Heidemarie Jiline Sander, born in 1943, in 1968. During her studies at the Krefeld School of Textiles, she studied a year abroad at UCLA. After this adventure Heidemarie moved to New York to gain experience in the fashion world as writer for a fashion magazine.

The first Jil Sander collection was launched in 1973 which was received with little enthusiasm. This didn't hold Sander back and the brand currently has more than five stand-alone boutiques and over 60 franchise stores worldwide. The collections can be described as minimalistic and unique, an example of this is the Vasari 100% coated paper bag priced £185 which sold out within a couple of days. Other items in the Jil Sander collection are sunglasses, sandals and perfumes.

The first Jil Sander fragrance, Jil Sander Woman I, was released in 1979 and the first male variant followed only two years later. Jil Sander Man, also known as Man I and Man Pure, is a woody chypre scent containing herbs basil, clary sage and oregano that rest upon a base of woods such as oak moss and labdanum. Jil Sander Man I was followed by the balsamic Man II (1988) and flowery Man III (1991). A favourite among many is Ultrasense (2013), housed in its classic blue bottle. Although the scent is described as light and refreshing, it is unmistakably masculine. The aroma advertised by all-American charmer Sean O'Pry opens with a burst of bergamot, black pepper and berries. Eventually flowing into sage and fir resin, where-after it mellows down to a base of white musk.
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