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Gucci Cologne & Men's Fragrance

Gucci is a luxury designer label; it was created in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. As a young man he worked in London as a lift boy. As he took the upper-class from floor to floor at the luxury Savoy Hotel he noticed the fine clothes the men and women wore as well as their designer luggage. Gucci had an eye for detail and once he returned to his homeland Italy he set up his own business making and selling travel bags and other luxury leather items like the ones he had seen. He soon had a good reputation for making quality goods, mainly because of his designs but also because he only hired the very best craftsmen which he could afford.

The House of Gucci soon grew and as the clients changed their transportation from horse drawn carriages to cars, so did the Gucci brand. In time they would produce trunks, leather driving gloves and other luxury travel items. In the 40’s Gucci created their now famous leather bag with a bamboo handle. They also started using other materials than leather for their designs, due to material shortages caused by WW II.

The 60’s saw many jet setters and celebrities flying out to Florence where Gucci was based. They loved his designs and Gucci creations were often pictured in trendy magazines. In the 70´s Gucci continued to expand, this time to the Far East. Stores were opened in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Gucci launched their first ready-to-wear collections and Gucci collaborated with a Miami-based coach builder. You could get a Cadillac midsize Seville luxury sedan with the double facing G Gucci logo as the hood ornament. The interior had the headrest with the Gucci logo and in the trunk you would find a full set of luxury Gucci luggage.

You could also enter the Beverly Hills flagship store, and shop with celebrities like Rita Hayworth or Michael Caine. Among the opulent things for sale were $10,000 bags with detachable gold and diamond chains.

Tom Ford joined the Gucci House in 1990, first to design a ready-to-wear clothes line, but later as the creative director. His role was to reinvent the Gucci brand, which was almost destroyed by internal family disputes. He managed to turn the company around and today you will once again find Gucci at the top of the international fashion brands. Gucci is the biggest-selling Italian brand in the world and if there ever is a red carpet event you will be sure to see Gucci there.

As well as women’s clothes Gucci also has a range of men’s suits, shirts, trousers, belts, ties and shoes. Gucci also design luxury watches, bringing together their trademark Italian flair with fine Swiss craftsmanship. Gucci sunglasses with the trademark GG logo have also become very popular.

In 1976 Gucci launched their first male fragrance. Gucci Pour Homme. Several Gucci male perfumes has followed since, our favourite men’s Gucci fragrances include Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme from 2008. A masculine, classy, smooth, deep and sophisticated fragrance with notes of bergamot, cypress, patchouli, amber and Elemi; Perfect for evening, office or play.

Pour Homme II from 2007 is a lighter and brighter version of the Gucci Pour Homme fragrance. It opens with a fresh burst of violet leaf and bergamot. The heart is a spicy mix that blends into the base of olive tree, tobacco leaves, musk and myrtle. An easy men’s fragrance to wear day and night.

In 2011 Gucci launched Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. A charismatic perfume for the modern man who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. The design of the bottle is masculine with cold metal and heavy glass, complete with the trademark GG logo placed in the middle so you can see the fragrant fluid inside.
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