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Dolce & Gabbana Cologne & Men's Fragrance

At the tender age of 6, Domenico Dolce was already well on his way to fame and fortune when he started to design and tailor his own clothing. It wasn't until their fourth collection that Dolce & Gabbana first had a taste of success, when Dolce drew upon his Sicilian roots and after having introducing collections such as their 'transformation' range, where clothing in the collection came with instructions about the seven different ways that an item can be worn in an outfit, something of a first amongst the fashion world back then.

As well as having a very successful career in men and women's fashion, Dolce & Gabbana have several other avenues that they have enjoyed financial reward. Between 1992 and 1998 they created a bridal collection and between 1994 and 1999 the Dolce & Gabbana Home Collection was founded. The first women's beachwear collection was developed in 1989, followed by the first men's beachwear collection in 1992. D & G launched an eyewear line in 1998 and timepieces line in 2000. That same year D&G launched both a men's and women's underwear collection, separate from their Dolce & Gabbana lingerie collection. In 2001 they launched the D&G Junior line for children.

Until they merged in 2012, Dolce & Gabbana had two central lines (D & G and Dolce&Gabbana). This is why some of the fragrances and colognes for men and women alike have slightly different labels. One of the most successful ranges of perfume and aftershave to make up a stunning collection is the D & G Anthology Assortment. The fragrances are advertised by celebrities, who are shown naked in advertising campaign made by Mario Testino. Women models are Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and Claudia Schiffer, and men are: Noah Mills, Fernando Fernanes and Tyson Ballou. The collection The D&G Anthology was inspired by tarot cards and their marks.

Dolce & Gabbana have an array of lovely fragrances and aftershaves with several different collections to cater for each particular taste, both young and old. Dolce & Gabbana's first fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana for Women, was launched in 1992. The male version of this fragrance followed in 1994, Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme, an aromatic fougere fragrance with a mixture of sensual and masculine notes. Other popular men's fragrances and aftershaves include the Oriental woody and balsamic notes of By (1997), the aromatic woody and citrus notes of Masculine (1999), the sumptuously aromatic Light Blue pour Homme (2007), the deep woody notes of The One (2008), the delightfully sweet and warm notes of Anthology La Force 11 (2009) and the lusciously aquatic notes of The One Sport (2012).
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