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DKNY Cologne & Men's Fragrance

With her father a tailor and her mother being a showroom model and fashion sales rep, Donna Karan had little choice about her career other than following the footsteps of the fashion world she had been born into. She is not only a designer of clothes, but bases her fashion on a modern system of dressing that is suitable for the international man and woman. For Karan, it has never just been about designing clothes, but about lifestyles. She doesn't just design single pieces of clothing at any one time, but sees a person as a whole – from head to toe. A prime example of this is DKNY Men, launched in 1992, which consisted of tailored suits, dress wear, formal wear, casual wear, sportswear and suits, all designed at the same time for every type of man.

Originally the name Donna Karan Collection was introduced when the first clothing collection was launched, before being changed to DKNY (Donna Karan New York) – her mission for her clothes is versatility, adaptable yet fun pieces that can be moulded into the perfect outfit, whatever time of day, night or year it is. The inclusion of New York in the title signified this as no one ever knows what is going to happen next in this wild, vibrant city. It is the pacesetter and gives plenty of attitude towards the brand, contributing further to it's growing success.

After her initial success with the women's clothes, along with the help of the most important man in her life, her husband, Karan realised that the many men in her life also needed her attention and a sophisticated system of dressing. For her, it has never just been about clothes. It is about the lifestyle, attitudes, practicality for both men and women. She sees the entire picture from head-to-toe. Asking herself questions like “How do I dress the leg” inspired Donna Karan Hosiery. “The perfect glasses?” Donna Karan Eyewear. The list goes on to include belts, accessories and, as Karan puts it, “everything you need to pull yourself together.”

Determined to seduce all the senses, Karan took on the world of beauty in 1992 under the business and creative leadership of her husband, who designed the bottles and jars for the signature fragrances and their accessories. The beauty division went on to introduce best-selling fragrances for both men and women and has nearly 100 beautiful scents under their belt. The height of success for the DKNY fragrances came during the 1990s but it has gone from strength to strength since –

DKNY is one of the few companies that equally distributes their time, money and attention to men and women, meaning that there is an extensive range of aftershaves and colognes widely available for men of all lifestyles, all over the world. One of the best selling fragrances for men is DKNY Red Delicious Men, launched in 2006 and is a perfume man made of woody notes. It is a scent packed in a red bottle and it brings together a bundle of sexy and daring notes for men – the bottle has a shape of an apple as the apple is the symbol of New York City. Other scents in this range include DKNY Be Delicious Red Art Men (2008), DKNY Be Delicious Shine for women (2007) and one of the latest fragrances for women DKNY Be Delicious Eau so Intense (2012).
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