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Clinique Cologne & Men's Fragrance

The year was 1967 and revolution was in the air. This extended to skincare and Dr. Norman Orentreich, a famous dermatologist, was getting attention for his belief that great skin was not just down to lucky genes and environmental factors but that it was in fact possible to create wonderful skin whatever the conditions.

Unlike some other skincare manufacturers of that time, Clinique were and remain very customer-focused. They offer an individual consultation to ensure that each customer gets the right product for their skin type and this applies to the growing male fan base as well as the large number of female customers. In 1976 Clinique was the first prestige cosmetics company to recognise the different skincare needs of men and to provide them with a practical and suitable line of skincare. These products have grown in popularity and today they reflect the mission statement from Clinique to be market leaders and experts in dermatological care for all types of skin.

Following the success of Clinique Happy for Women, Clinique launched a complementing male version of the scent entitled 'Clinique Happy for Men' and mirroring the zesty perfume for women by being a citrus, aromatic cologne and a perfect pick me up for daily wear for men. Clinique was in fact the third 'brand' to be born under the 'Lauder Umbrella' – the first being Estée Lauder and the second being Aramis – an extremely popular label established in 1964 to sell male grooming products and fragrances. By the time that Clinique was established, the level of experience and knowledge that had been gathered about the specific needs of men was vast and enabled Clinique to be the first women's cosmetic company to introduce a second line for men.

Other than the ever popular fragrance 'Clinique Happy for Men', Clinique released the cologne 'Chemistry', which is a fresh spicy and aromatic fragrance that would be perfect for men in the spring / summer. It is said to be a subtle, understated fragrance that works with the individual's body chemistry, meaning that it will provide a scent as unique as the person wearing it – once again representing Clinique's firm beliefs that no two people are the same and deserve to be treated the same. As well as the men's 3-step plan, Clinique also offer a vast and fabulous range of grooming, after shave, anti blemish and skin care range for men and remain one of the most popular providers of men's fragrance, aftershave, cologne and skin care products to date.
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