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Benetton Cologne & Men's Fragrance

The fashion giant Benetton was founded in 1965 and four years later, opened its first shop in Paris.
In the 70's, the brand reached markets worlwide and in the early eighties, it opened its first New York store.

The eighties was a decade when the brand reached its highest popularity, because it achieved the Great Prize in Advertisement in France, and the company continued its extension until 2005, when it reached 5000 stores opened throughout the world.

Benetton is a huge fashion brand that owns Sisley, with lines of clothing for children and adults, female and male, accessories and perfumes.

Some of its greatest creations in the fragrance world are: Hot, Inferno Paradiso, Cold Silver and Essence.
The perfumes play with the basic concepts of the brand, colours, tonalities, shapes and freshness.
All its fragrances have a body mist equivalence.

Colors de Benetton Men is oriental, woody, and exists since 1987. Ann Gottlieb created it with coriander, lavender, green leaves, fir, jasmine and sandalwood.

Paradiso Inferno Blue is fresh, woody and contains natural components, like apple. This perfume was launched in 2004.

United Colors of Benetton Man was created in 2006 and features woody ingredients such as black currant and bergamot.
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