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Body Mist

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What is a body mist? This type of scent, also known as body spray, body splash or fragrance mist, is lighter than a regular perfume and can be worn all over the body.

Fragrance mists can also help hydrate and moisturise your skin, providing a feeling of comfort. Unlike fragrances, body mists present a low quantity of alcohol and essential oils, while containing more water. The name comes from the cloud of water that is formed when spraying a body mist. They leave your skin relaxed and scented, often containing soft notes of rose, musk or cinnamon. When considering fragrance mist vs perfume it is also important to note that mists have a lower longevity but can be found at cheaper prices than a fragrance or cologne.

How to use a Body Mist:
- After showering, apply the body mist to the desired areas of your body, either spraying it directly on the body or in your hand first, holding the bottle six inches away from the surface.
- Apply multiple times during the day as desired.
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